InnoFoam® Polyethylene Pipe Insulation


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AEROFLEX® offers single-source hermetic system accessories, including EPDM fitting covers, insulated pipe supports, specialty contact adhesives, tapes, and coatings, and are covered by an express limited warranty.

InnoFoam® Polyethylene Pipe Insulation


Flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam pipe insulation designed to retard heat gain or loss, control condensation and provide freeze protection for hot and cold-water plumbing systems. Ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

Specification Compliance

• ASHRAE Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

• ASHRAE Standard 189.1, International Green Construction Code®

• California Title 24, Building Energy Efficiency Standards

• IECC®, International Energy Conservation Code®

Key Benefits

• Self-seal tubes save installation time
• Compatible with common pipe types
• Low thermal conductivity and water vapor permeability
• Low-VOC, mold-resistant and fiber-free
• Passes ASTM E84 25/50


Hot & Cold Water Piping
Freeze protection

Performance Properties

Thermal Conductivity: 0.25 @ 75°F (24°C)

Continuous Service Temperature Range: -200°F to 200°F (-129°C to 93°C) (ASTM C411)

Water Vapor Permeability, Max: < 0.05 perm-inch (ASTM E96 Procedure A)

Water Absorption (% by volume), Max: < 0.02% (ASTM C209)

Fire Safety: 25/50 rated (ASTM E 84)

Fungi Resistance: Pass (ASTM G21)