AEROFLEX® System Accessories

Aeroflex USA offers a complete assortment of AEROFLEX® brand accessories to deliver fully-insulated, hermetic EPDM insulation solutions for your project. Unfortunately, insulation systems often fail due to incompatible or inferior, but critical, accessories such as adhesives, pipe supports, tapes and coatings.

AEROFLEX® factory-fabricated pipe supports and fitting covers, EPDM tapes, specially-formulated fast-tack/low-VOC contact adhesives and UV-protective coatings meet a wide range of operating conditions. All AEROFLEX® accessories are specifically designed and engineered to deliver long-term thermal insulating performance for your project.


Factory pre-fabricated fitting covers made of AEROFLEX EPDM closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation save labor and energy, prevent CUI and improve aesthetics on HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing piping systems. Available in Black and White/Gray formulations.


Mechanical Grooved

Mechanical Grooved EPDM insulation fitting covers reduce installation time and increase the quality and appearance at large-pipe T's, 45° & 90° elbows and couplings. Helps prevent CUI. Available in ¾" IPS - 6" IPS, ½" - 1½" thick. Colors: Black or White/Gray formulations.


Light-weight, rigid pipe supports, pre-insulated with high-density, load-bearing closed-cell foam. Encased with zero-perm EPDM polymer membrane with a pressure-sensitive Protape® closure system designed to prevent insulation compression in pipe hangers and strut clamps. Available in ID's (¼" - 12"IPS) and insulation thicknesses (½" - 2").

REF 1520

Professional grade fast-tack rubber contact adhesive for permanent bond and vapor seal to seams of all AEROFLEX EPDM insulations and to substrates such as a variety of metals, PVC, melamine, and other surfaces. Prevents CUI. Colors: Amber and Black.


Fast-tack contact adhesive for permanent bond and vapor seal to adjoining seams of AEROFLEX EPDM tube, sheet and roll and to a variety of substrates such as metals, PVC, melamine and other surfaces. Prevents CUI. Colors: Amber and Black.

Aeroseal LVOC Black

Low-VOC contact adhesive for bonding AEROFLEX EPDM tubes, sheets & rolls on green building projects that require strict VOC compliance such as LEED®. Meets California Specification 01350 for emissions and SCAQMD Rule 1168 for content. Complies with Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Materials requirements. Prevents CUI.

Cel-Link II®

Glueless seam seals for bonding circumferential seams of AEROFLEX Self-Seal pre-slit pipe insulation. A low-VOC alternative to AEROFLEX® wet-applied adhesives. Cel-Link II is included in every carton of AEROFLEX Self-Seal at no additional charge.


High-performance, zero-perm, EPDM-based, self-adhering rubber tape for sealing glued seams of AEROFLEX® pipe, sheet and roll insulation. Serves as a double-closure vapor seal system on all AEROFLEX® installations. Prevents CUI. Widths: 1" - 5". Colors: Black and White/Gray.


Flexible, self-adhering EPDM-based foam tape for wrapping hot and cold water piping and glued seams of AEROFLEX® insulation. Prevents heat gain/loss, condensation and frost. Available in 1/8" thick x 2" wide x 30' long rolls. Color: Black.


Pure premium acrylic emulsion white coating for use with AEROFLEX EPDM insulation products to help meet energy codes, provide additional protection against UV exposure/heat gain and as a decorative coating.

Aerocoat LVOC®

Low-VOC insulation coating designed to protect AEROFLEX EPDM insulation from UV degradation for exterior applications. Compliant with LEED® EQ, Low-Emitting Materials, Interior and Exterior-Applied Coatings and Living Building Challenge (LBC) Materials Red List.

More About Insulation Accessories

Mechanical insulation accessories play a crucial role in the long-term thermal performance of HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing piping, duct and equipment. These specially-designed and engineered components are typically installed at points where the insulation system is most vulnerable - insulation seams, butt joints, termination points and pipe support locations. When the insulation manufacturer's recommended system accessories are not installed properly (or at all), undesirable outcomes can occur. Examples include excessive condensation build-up, moisture intrusion under insulation, pipe corrosion, saturated insulation, decreased thermal efficiency, mold growth and costly system shutdown and/or failure. For example, closed cell elastomeric foam insulation manufacturers offer a variety of single-source system solutions to ensure long-term thermal performance.


Special-purpose contact adhesives are available in standard solvent-based and low-VOC formulas. Insulation adhesives serve two functions - to bond insulation seams, butt joints and termination points and to provide a vapor seal preventing moisture intrusion beneath the insulation surface. Moisture between the insulation and pipe surface can lead to corrosion under insulation (CUI). 


Insulation tapes provide secondary bond & vapor seal protection over glued seams, butt joints, pipe supports and termination points. Elastomeric tapes are commercially available in foam and rubber formulations with a peel-and-stick back. It's important to be aware that tapes should never be applied over unglued seams. Additionally, tapes should not compress the insulation since compression will cause a loss in R-value while reducing condensation control. For the same reasons, zip ties should never be installed over pipe insulation either. 


Pipe hanger locations are a common source of insulation failure for a number of reasons. Due to the installation of inferior (less expensive) materials such as wood blocks, a phenomenon known as "thermal bridging" can occur which causes energy loss and out-of-control condensation. Another cause of failure includes improper vapor sealing at pipe hanger and strut clamp locations. Pipe insulation must be glued to insulated pipe supports with a vapor stop. Although more expensive, insulated pipe supports can be less expensive in the long-run by reducing labor costs and preventing costly system failures. 


Fabricating closed cell elastomeric foam insulation to cover equipment such as pipe bends, couplings, flanges, pumps, valves can be time-consuming and costly. Some manufacturers offer factory-fabricated pipe fitting covers for common shapes - 45's, 90's, T's, P-traps, and mechanical grooved fittings. They are typically shipped from the factory fully assembled so the insulator can cut and install on the project. Most importantly, these covers will properly insulate challenging pipe locations while improving the overall appearance of the insulated system. 


Closed cell elastomeric foam insulation is subject to UV degradation when exposed to ultraviolet light (natural and artificial). While standard nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR/PVC) formulations will degrade more rapidly than ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM insulation) versions, the manufacturer's insulation coating is either required (NBR/PVC) or recommended (EPDM) in order to maximize the insulation's life cycle cost for the building owner. 


It is a best practice to specify and install a single manufacturer's insulation and accessories to ensure that their warranty is not voided and ultimately for the protection of a building owner's investment.