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Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulation Can Protect Pipes From Moisture And Mold

Closed cell elastomeric insulation can be more costly than other forms of well-known mechanical insulation types such as fiberglass. With this information, it makes sense to ask why anyone should choose elastomeric insulation over other available insulation types. The answers can be broken down into a few key categories, all geared towards protecting the usability…

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Outside Diameters for Jacketing of AEROFLEX EPDM Pipe Insulation

Jacketing of AEROFLEX EPDM™ pipe insulation is often specified by mechanical engineers to protect the insulation from mechanical damage, to shield from direct UV exposure, to serve as an additional water vapor barrier and for aesthetic purposes. Download the full technical bulletin here to view the outside diameters (OD’s) of all available sizes of AEROFLEX…

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