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Need To Know – Installing Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulation in Exterior Applications

The need for UV resistant refrigerant line insulation is common for installations on building exteriors, such as rooftops, to convey refrigerants between large roof-top HVAC systems and interior equipment to provide conditioned air to the building’s occupant spaces and equipment. U.S. commercial energy codes and standards, such as ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except…

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Choosing the Right Refrigerant Pipe Insulation

Refrigerant pipe insulation is a critical component of refrigeration systems. Refrigeration systems, also known as below-ambient, vary by application (commercial and industrial), temperature requirements (high & low), refrigerant types (traditional and natural), and operating environments. Common refrigeration system applications include supermarkets, cold storage, food processing, beverage dispensing lines, ice rinks, morgues, laboratories, chillers, data centers,…

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