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Guide to Insulation Specifications

Keeping insulation specifications up-to-date is a constant battle for mechanical engineers and manufacturers of the following factors: Changes to industry standards (i.e. ASTM) Changes with insulation manufacturers (mergers & acquisitions) Energy standard/code updates (i.e. ASHRAE, IECC®) Manufacturer product line additions & deletions Numerous other factors Mechanical insulation specifications for building mechanical and process systems, such…

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Does Plastic Piping Need to be Insulated?

While well-known metallic piping types, such as copper and carbon steel, have been commercially available  for many years, plastic piping has rapidly grown in popularity as an alternative to metallic piping due to its performance and economic benefits. Depending on the plastic pipe type, plastic is approximately 25%-35% more thermally efficient than metallic  piping. What…

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