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Heat Trace Systems with AEROFLEX® EPDM Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulation

With frigid arctic winter blasts on the increase in the United States, property damage caused by frozen pipes runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Property owners and property insurance owners are negatively impacted. In December 2022, cities such as Jackson, MS and Chaleston, SC experienced record-low temperatures, pipe bursts, and boil-water advisories. In…

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Certain high-tech projects specify “silicone-free” products. The overarching concern to high-tech facility owners is that some silicones are known to particulate and contaminate critical manufacturing processes. Aeroflex USA’s AEROFLEX® brand of EPDM closed-cell elastomeric insulation is silicone-free, however the release liners that are a component of our pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) on our EPDM sheets, rolls,…

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