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Navigating ASTM D1056: A Comprehensive Guide for Industry Professionals

Introduction In the realm of industrial materials and products, standards and specifications play a pivotal role in ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency. Among these, ASTM D1056 stands out as a crucial benchmark for flexible cellular materials—specifically rubber. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of ASTM D1056, highlighting its importance and relevance in…

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Understanding ASTM Standards: D1056, C534, and C795

In the realm of industrial materials and applications, adherence to recognized standards is crucial for quality, safety, and efficiency. ASTM International standards are globally acknowledged benchmarks in this regard. This blog post will explore three specific ASTM standards: D1056, C534, and C795, each serving unique roles in their respective domains. ASTM D1056: For Flexible Cellular…

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Recycled Content

AEROFLEX EPDM™ closed-cell elastomeric insulation (tube, sheet, roll, fitting covers) and accessories (adhesives, coatings, pipe supports, and tapes) are manufactured with 0% recycled content. Exception: Protape® EPDM seam sealing tape is manufactured with 50% post-industrial / pre-consumer waste (AEROFLEX EPDM™).

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