Aerocoat® Premium Insulation Coating: Enhancing Performance and Protection

Aeroflex USA is a leading manufacturer of AEROFLEX EPDM™ closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation and associated products. With a rich history spanning nearly 50 years, we have continually innovated and developed high-performance solutions for the HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing industries. Among our range of products, Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating stands out as an exceptional solution for enhancing the durability, energy efficiency, and UV protection of AEROFLEX® insulation in exterior applications.

What is Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating?
Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating is a pure acrylic emulsion water-based latex coating that is specifically formulated to protect AEROFLEX EPDM insulation in exterior environments. It serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding the insulation from the damaging effects of UV radiation, moisture, and environmental contaminants. This premium coating is designed to prolong the life cycle of the insulation, maintain its thermal efficiency, and ensure long-term performance.

How is Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating commonly used?
Aerocoat is widely used in various applications across multiple industries. Some of the common applications include:

  • Refrigeration piping and equipment: In refrigeration systems, where temperature control is crucial, Aerocoat provides an additional layer of protection to the AEROFLEX insulation on the refrigeration pipes and equipment. This helps maintain consistent cooling performance and prevents degradation due to UV exposure.
  • HVAC and VRF piping and equipment: Aerocoat is also commonly applied to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems. These systems require efficient insulation to ensure optimal thermal performance. By applying Aerocoat, the AEROFLEX insulation is shielded from UV rays, preserving its insulation properties and overall efficiency.
  • HVAC ductwork: Ductwork plays a critical role in distributing conditioned air throughout buildings. Aerocoat helps protect the AEROFLEX insulation on the ductwork from UV degradation, ensuring that the insulation maintains its thermal properties and prevents energy loss.
  • Chilled water piping and equipment: Chilled water systems are utilized in various commercial and industrial applications. Aerocoat acts as a barrier against UV radiation for the AEROFLEX insulation on chilled water piping and equipment, preventing premature deterioration and maintaining system efficiency.
  • Plumbing piping and equipment: Plumbing systems require effective insulation to prevent heat loss and maintain water temperature. Aerocoat provides UV protection to the AEROFLEX insulation on plumbing pipes and equipment, contributing to energy efficiency and system reliability.

What are the variations of Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating?
Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating is primarily available in 1-gallon containers and comes in a white color. The white color is beneficial as it reflects sunlight, reducing heat absorption and minimizing temperature fluctuations in the insulation. By keeping the insulation cooler, it enhances energy efficiency and contributes to better overall system performance.

What are Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating’s qualifications?
Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating complies with several important industry standards and specifications, ensuring its high quality and performance. These include:

  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1: This energy standard for buildings, except low-rise residential buildings, recognizes the need for painted protection of insulation in exterior environments. Aerocoat meets the requirements set forth by this standard.
  • IECC® (International Energy Conservation Code): Aerocoat complies with the energy conservation code, which aims to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable building practices.
  • ASHRAE Standard 189.1: This standard, known as the International Green Construction Code, focuses on sustainable building design, construction, and operation. Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating aligns with the requirements of this code, emphasizing its commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
  • California Title 24: The California Building Energy Efficiency Standards, also known as Title 24, sets energy efficiency standards for construction in California. Aerocoat meets the requirements specified by this standard, ensuring compliance in the state.
  • CDPH Standard Method v1.2: The CDPH (California Department of Public Health) Standard Method v1.2 focuses on low-emitting materials and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating is formulated to comply with the low-emitting materials and VOC emissions standards for both interior and exterior coatings.
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): Aerocoat has an Environmental Product Declaration, which provides transparent information about its environmental impact and sustainability credentials. This declaration enables architects, builders, and project owners to make informed decisions regarding their construction materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Meets U.S. energy codes: Aerocoat satisfies the requirements of energy codes that mandate the painted protection of insulation in exterior environments. By using Aerocoat, companies can ensure compliance with these codes and regulations.
  • Low-VOC emissions: The coating has low VOC content, which contributes to healthier indoor and outdoor air quality. It meets the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) low-VOC emission requirements for both interior and exterior applied coatings, supporting sustainable building practices.
  • Superb UV protection: Aerocoat acts as a shield against harmful UV radiation, preventing degradation of the AEROFLEX insulation. This UV protection extends the life cycle of the insulation, preserving its thermal efficiency and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Improves product life cycle: By providing a durable protective coating, Aerocoat enhances the longevity of AEROFLEX insulation. The extended life cycle of the insulation translates to improved performance and cost savings over time.
  • Easy application: Aerocoat is designed for easy application with a brush or roller. Its user-friendly nature allows for efficient installation, saving time and labor costs.

Performance Properties:

  • Coverage: The coating offers coverage of up to 400 square feet, depending on the application thickness. This coverage may vary based on specific project requirements and conditions.
  • Elongation: Aerocoat exhibits excellent elongation properties, with an elongation rate of 400% or more. This flexibility ensures that the coating can accommodate potential movement or expansion in the insulation, maintaining its protective integrity.
  • Nonflammable: Aerocoat is a nonflammable coating, contributing to the overall safety of the insulation system.
  • VOC content: The coating has a VOC content of 116 g/L, which falls within the low VOC range. This low VOC content aligns with sustainable building practices and helps create healthier indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Dry Time: Aerocoat has a dry time of approximately 4 hours between coats. This quick-drying characteristic facilitates efficient application and allows for faster project completion.
  • Reapplication: The recommended reapplication interval for Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating is approximately 3-5 years. This timeframe may vary based on environmental conditions and exposure levels.
  • Shelf Life: The coating has a shelf life of 1 year, ensuring its freshness and usability within the specified timeframe.

In conclusion:

Aerocoat Premium Insulation Coating offers exceptional protection, UV resistance, and compliance with energy codes and environmental standards. It’s low VOC emissions, ease of application, and extended product life cycle contribute to the overall sustainability and efficiency of insulation systems. By incorporating Aerocoat into their projects, companies can achieve long-lasting, reliable, and energy-efficient results, while supporting environmental stewardship and occupant well-being. Aerocoat USA, as a leading manufacturer in the industry, remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the construction and insulation sectors.

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