Duct Insulation Adhesives

For lining and wrapping sheet metal ductwork, Aeroflex USA offers AEROFLEX Aeroseal, REF 1520TM, and Aeroseal LVOCTM adhesives for the installation of AEROFLEX Breathe-EZTM EPDM Duct Insulation.
Aeroflex USA does not offer an aerosolized spray adhesive for the installation of AEROFLEX Breathe-EZTM. We recommend that duct fabricators and insulators check with preferred adhesive manufacturers for their recommended spray adhesives to line and wrap ductwork with closed-cell elastomeric foam.

Care must be taken when selecting an aerosolized spray contact adhesive to bond closed-cell elastomeric foam duct insulation to sheet metal ductwork. Water-based adhesives utilized to install fiberglass and other open-cell duct insulation types will not perform as intended with closed-cell duct insulation. Due to the closed-cell structure of elastomeric duct liner & wrap, water-based adhesives take an exceptionally long time to dry (days) because the water in the adhesive has nowhere to evaporate between two virtually impervious surfaces – sheet metal and closed-cell insulation.

Well-known adhesive manufacturers that offer aerosolized spray adhesives to the duct fabrication and insulation market do offer products engineered to direct adhere closed-cell elastomeric foam to sheet metal, however they are generally solvent-based, or hybrid low-VOC versions that comply with LEED® and local jurisdiction air quality requirements (i.e. California).
Below are a few well-known duct insulation adhesive manufacturers, and their adhesives available in aerosolized cylinders, that are formulated to bond closed-cell elastomeric foam to sheet metal:

3M – Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive, Hi-Strength Postforming 94CA Spray Adhesive, Hi-Strength 94ET Spray Adhesive Low VOC <20%
Design Polymerics – DP 2595 Closed-Cell Foam Spray Adhesive
Ductmate – Quick-StickTM HS
Duro Dyne – NPAB40, NPAC40

This list is provided for the convenience of our customers and not intended to provide all available manufacturers and their adhesives. Aeroflex USA does not recommend specific manufacturers or their adhesives. It is the installer’s responsibility to verify with their preferred, or specified manufacturers, which adhesives are recommended for the installation of closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation to sheet metal ductwork.