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What to Look for in HVAC Refrigerant Pipe Insulation

  HVAC refrigerant pipe insulation is a critical component of a well-designed refrigeration system to achieve long-term performance and life cycle costs for building owners. Refrigeration systems are demanding and generally operate continuously with the potential for downtime to be minimized. While every refrigeration system has its own set of unique requirements, they all have…

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Specifying UV-Resistant Refrigerant Line Insulation

The need for UV-resistant refrigerant line insulation is common for installations on building exteriors, such as rooftops, to convey refrigerants between large roof-top HVAC systems and interior equipment to provide conditioned air to the building’s occupant spaces and equipment. U.S. commercial energy codes and standards, such as ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise…

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How to Choose the Best Plenum-Rated Pipe and Duct Insulation

Plenum spaces in buildings are designed to discreetly house building systems such as HVAC equipment & return airflow, pipe runs, and digital cables. Although air plenums are typically out-of-sight, typically located above ceiling grids or in under-floor systems, mechanical design (i.e. plenum rated insulation) are critically important to ensure the safety of building occupants and…

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