AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ™ Duct Insulation: A Simple Solution for Improved HVAC Systems


In the world of HVAC systems, one essential factor is often overlooked: duct insulation. In this article we will talk about AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ Duct Insulation. This article will also explain what AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ Duct Insulation is, as well as its benefits and technical specifications.

What Is AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ Duct Insulation?

AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ is an insulation material designed specifically for HVAC duct systems. Its primary functions are:

  • Energy Conservation: It helps save energy by preventing heat loss or gain in ductwork.
  • Condensation Control: AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ keeps condensation at bay, which can otherwise lead to problems like mold growth and corrosion.
  • Noise Reduction: This insulation is effective in reducing lower-frequency noises like fan noise and vibrations in ductwork.
  • Fire Safety: It meets fire safety standards (25/50 rating) as per ASTM E84, UL 723, and CAN/ULC-S102.
  • International Mechanical Code: listed and labeled for duct insulation contained within plenums.


  • Thickness Options: Available in ½”, 1″, 1-½”, and 2″ thicknesses.
  • Roll Widths: Offered in 48″, 56-¼”, 59″, and 60″ rolls.
  • Compliance: AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ complies with various industry standards like ASHRAE, ASTM, UL, and more. It also meets human health standards like RoHS and REACH.
  • Performance: It has low thermal conductivity, can withstand a wide temperature range, and shows resistance to erosion and mold.
  • Environmentally Friendly: AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ is low-VOC and mold-resistant, making it a responsible choice for the environment.

Key Benefits

  • Fiber-Free: AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ doesn’t contain any fibers, reducing the risk of airborne particles and maintaining good indoor air quality.
  • Easy to Clean: Its smooth surface makes it simple to clean and maintain over time.
  • Noise Control: It effectively reduces problematic HVAC noises, contributing to a quieter environment.
  • Condensation Management: This insulation prevents condensation issues within duct systems.
  • Mold Resistance: AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ resists mold growth, which is a common concern in HVAC systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ truly fiber-free?
A: Yes, duct liner is categorized by AIA MasterSpec® as “fibrous-glass”, “fibrous-glass-free”, and “flexible elastomeric”. Breathe-EZ is flexible elastomeric and fiber-free; it contains no fibers and is non-particulating per ASTM C1071 and UL181.

Q: Can Breathe-EZ be fabricated on a coil line?
A: No, Breathe-EZ consists of a closed-cell structure and is not conformable with coil lines. However, Breathe-EZ cuts beautifully with water jet machinery and sharp non-serrated insulation knives.

Q: Is Breathe-EZ suitable for lining round spiral ducts?
A: Breathe-EZ is closed-cell and not conformable. It is limited to duct diameters 12” and up; duct lengths must be short enough so center can be accessed for spray adhesive and pinning; suggested duct sizes: Breathe-EZ @ 1” thick = 12” diameter, 1-1/2” thick = 14” diameter, 2” thick = 16” diameter. The feasibility of installing Breathe-EZ in round spiral ducts must be determined by the duct fabricator.

Q: Can water-based adhesives, used for fibrous-glass and fibrous-glass-free duct liners, be used to install Breathe-EZ?
A: No, contact adhesives engineered by major HVAC adhesive manufacturers for closed-cell elastomeric insulation are recommended. Water-based adhesives take an exceptionally long time to dry due to two nearly impervious substrates – closed-cell insulation and sheet metal.

Q: Can standard 1” welded insulation fasteners (pins) be installed with Breathe-EZ 1” thick?
A: No, 1-1/8” pins are recommended and are commercially available. To meet R-4.2, Breathe-EZ 1” may be up to 1-1/8” thick. Standard 1” pins create too much insulation compression (loss of R-value), can tear the skin, and exceed SMACNA’s Duct Construction specification of 1/8” maximum pin compression for all duct liner types. For 1-1/2” and 2” thick, 1-1/2” and 2” pins are acceptable.

Q: What type of pin washers are recommended?
A: Dished, sloped, or cupped washers are recommended to prevent tearing of the skin.

Q: Are pins with heat-activated adhesive recommended?
A: Yes, the adhesive seals the hole in the insulation created during the pinning process. Although not required, pin adhesives can provide an extra level of protection by preventing water vapor from permeating beneath the liner.

Q: Why are your roll lengths only available in 10’ increments (1” @ 50’, 1-1/2” @ 40’, 2” @ 20’)?
A: Water jet tables are 10-feet long. Breathe-EZ helps duct fabricators maximize material yields and reduce fabrication time.


AEROFLEX Breathe-EZ Duct Insulation is a practical solution for enhancing HVAC duct systems. It addresses energy conservation, condensation control, and noise reduction. Its compliance with industry standards and eco-friendly features make it a suitable choice for acoustically-sensitive environments.