Installing Multiple Aerofix® Insulated Pipe Supports

Aeroflex USA’s Aerofix® Insulated Pipe Supports reduce the probability of thermal bridging at pipe support and strut clamp locations when installed properly. Aerofix is engineered with high-density, load bearing, closed-cell foam, lined with EPDM rubber to absorb vibration, and with a high-impact polymeric jacket to prevent AEROFLEX EPDM™ pipe insulation from being crushed by fully loaded pipes. The design intent is to provide a fully hermetic, monolithic system through these problematic piping locations.

The standard length of each Aerofix insulated pipe support is 3” – 4” (76 – 101 mm) depending on size – inside diameter and wall thickness. Length by size can be viewed on page 4 (back cover) of the Aerofix technical data sheet.

For certain applications, mechanical engineers and contractors require a longer pipe support but wish to maintain an AEROFLEX® hermetic system – closed cell EPDM through the support. Aeroflex USA has approved installing 2-3 Aerofix pipe supports together to meet this requirement.

To preserve Aeroflex USA’s Express Limited Warranty, the following steps must be taken at installation:

Protape provides zero-perm vapor drive protection over glued insulation and pipe support seams.

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