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Why specify Indoor Advantage Gold[TM] insulation?

Remember the term “sick building syndrome” or SBS? SBS occurs when building occupants experience acute health effects due to time spent in a building. Many times, these negative health effects go undiagnosed because they dissipate when the occupant leaves the building, but they reoccur when the occupant returns. Symptoms can include difficulty with concentration, dizziness,…

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Why Low VOC Insulation Adhesives?

Adhesives, such as low VOC insulation adhesives, play a critical role in the installation of common mechanical pipe insulation applications such as: VRF pipe insulation VRV pipe insulation Refrigeration pipe insulation Refrigerant pipe insulation Chilled water insulation HVAC refrigerant pipe insulation HVAC refrigerant line insulation AC return line insulation Plumbing pipe insulation Of course, insulation…

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Design Considerations for FDA, USDA & Pharmaceutical Piping Systems

Process control is a major design objective of mechanical insulation for FDA and USDA facility piping applications. Pipe insulation maintains system operating temperatures, conserves energy, controls condensation, maintains hygiene, and can protect expensive piping equipment from corrosion under insulation (CUI).

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